UPDATE: Man in minivan allegedly gives candy to children

A call to Fort Dodge Police about a suspicious man giving candy to children was likely nothing more than an act of kindness.

A woman told police that while her young daughter was playing in the front yard around 6:30 p.m. Thursday, a man parked his silver minivan in front of the house.

When the woman walked toward the man, he drove away.

The woman spoke to her daughter and found that the man had offered her and a friend some candy. He gave the girls a sucker before he left the area, according to a press release from the FDPD.

The mother described the driver as an older white man with white hair, a beard and glasses.

Because of a tip called in Friday, police were able to identify both the man and the vehicle.

Police determined after an investigation that the man had no criminal intent and was only offering the candy in kindness.

Police have not had any other reports similar to this one and are continuing the investigation.

“We, as police officers want the children of our community to be safe and to be able to play and be kids in their parents yards and in their neighborhoods,” Fort Dodge Police Chief Kevin Doty said. “We encourage parents to talk with their children about “stranger danger.” I want to thank the citizen who called in this tip and helped us move this investigation to a positive outcome. Without their help this would not have been possible.”