The bear is hungry

To the editor:

Russia has invaded its peaceful sovereign neighbor.

The Ukraine requested NATO membership, but trembling Europeans and our (president) will likely turn them down, again, as these “paper tigers” fear making the bare-chested madman angry.

So, they will feed the “bear” one more country in futile hopes that he won’t wake up hungry tomorrow, the next day, and the next.

The only path left to avoid another World War, without loss of blood and treasure, is for a leader of the free world to assert full U.S. power and insist upon full NATO membership for the Ukraine, immediately and unconditionally.

Call Putin’s bluff, now, before the “bear,” too long out of hibernation, has grown fat, strong and bolder yet on the spoils of his neighbor’s resources.

If we do not, we will very soon regret it, and we, our children, and grandchildren, will pay a very high price for our timid appeasement of tyranny, once more.

Leopards can’t change their spots, and the “bear” has huge claws, sharp teeth and a voracious appetite. We must either cage it, now, or kill it, later, at great cost.

Larry M. Aden