Disputes global warming claims

To the editor:

Would a Democratic president, leftist “scientists” and the lame-stream media coordinate to scam the U.S. population? It’s happened before.

On April 18, 1977, President Jimmy Carter went on national television and proclaimed that the entire world would be out of petroleum before 1990. The lame-stream media promoted this hoax with ABC running an hour long “documentary” titled “Will We Freeze In The Dark” just days before Carter’s speech.

Now Obama says global warming is a certainty. History is now repeating itself.

In 2009, the great Al Gore gave a speech titled “The Earth has a Fever” where he predicted that polar ice caps would be gone by 2013. Hey, Al, it’s 2014 and ice caps are still there. The lame-stream media eagerly reports those predictions at the time they are made but conveniently forgets them when they don’t come true.

Last December a group of “scientists” sailed to Antarctica to observe the melting of the ice caps that Gore had predicted. Instead, the ice expanded and trapped their boat for several weeks. (This is what happens when you start believing your own propaganda.) During the whole episode, the lame-stream media scrupulously avoided identifying Chris Tunney’s group as “global warming scientists.” Global warmers must not be allowed to look foolish, even when they look really, really foolish.

In 2010, global warmers predicted a drought in Australia and Queensland officials acted on that bad advice and filled their reservoirs full. But the rains came instead. There was no place for the water to go and Brisbane was flooded. Global warmers – not global warming – caused the Brisbane floods. The U.S. media, of course, failed to report the real problem.

If you had a stockbroker with a history of making predictions that were as inaccurate as the predictions of global warmers, you would be broke.

Global warming is the most convenient “theory” ever concocted. If there’s a drought in Australia, global warming gets credited. If there are floods in Australia, global warming is blamed. If the Great Lakes are frozen over, it’s because of global warming but if the Great Lakes have very little ice, global warming is to blame. Perhaps someday, the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series and when they do, Al Gore and James Hansen will race to waiting TV cameras to declare that it must be because of global warming.

Roger Huetig

Fort Dodge