East Sac leader has been there before

SAC CITY – A familiar face will be filling in as interim superintendent at East Sac County schools this year.

Barb Kruthoff has been superintendent in the district before, through several changes in organization.

“I was superintendent at Wall Lake View Auburn for four years, then was the shared superintendent at Wall Lake View Auburn and Sac City for four years,” Kruthoff said. “The last year I worked for the Sac and Wall Lake View districts was the year they voted on consolidation.”

Kevin Fiene was then hired for the first year of the consolidated district, Kruthoff said.

Kruthoff was hired as interim superintendent after Fiene’s resignation in April.

Prior to serving WLVA, Kruthoff was a principal and then superintendent at Manning. She was a WLVA teacher before that.

After leaving the superintendent position, Kruthoff went to work for Buena Vista University for four years.

“I had just resigned my position a few months before this position opened up,” she said. “At first, when there was an opening, I didn’t honestly pay too much attention, because I had read in the paper the board was talking with neighboring schools about possible sharing.”

When potential sharing arrangements didn’t materialize and the board sought an interim superintendent, several people in the community called Kruthoff and said the job would be a good fit for her, she said.

After thinking it over, Kruthoff agreed.

“It might be good for me, but it could also be good for the district, because I was still familiar with the district. My husband and I had continued to live in Lake View. We have grandkids yet in the school,” she said.

“It felt good to be back.”

Kruthoff’s contract is for 70 percent of full time; she works three to four days a week.

Her contract is only for one year.

At BVU, Kruthoff was a regional education coordinator, and supervised student teachers. She also worked in professional development in the School of Education.

That experience may help her out as she returns to the ESC school.

“We’re really working a lot this year on trying devise a real worthwhile professional development plan for all of our staff,” she said.

The ESC board voted before summer to create a new calendar for this school year, in order to make time for professional development without interrupting learning time.

The previous calendar had a two-hour late start every two weeks for professional learning communities.

The new calendar eliminates those regular late starts and increases the school day by 10 minutes. Ten four-day weeks are included in the calendar, leaving days open for PLCs.

The school is also rolling out a one-to-one laptop program, Kruthoff said, and preparing for an Iowa Department of Education accreditation visit in April.