Can you help?

To the editor:

Remember the days of the Laramar Ballroom? Many of us have memories of attending events held there.

The Webster County Museum, located in the former Otho School, needs your help.

I am a volunteer working on a large display of posters, advertisements and photos, donated by Lee Derrig.

I am asking our community to stop out to the museum and help identify these people in the photos.

Also if you have any memorabilia you’d like to donate pertaining to the Laramar, also known as the Armory, Playmor, and Twilight Ballroom, it would be greatly appreciated. With your help we can make this display even better.

The hours of the museum are Thursday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment, call 972-4804.

Stop out, help us and take a trip back in time to the years of our ancestors.

You’ll be glad you did

Diane Adams

Fort Dodge