Gene Giraffe event succeeds

To the editor:

We, at Gene Giraffe Project, want to thank a long list of people who helped at our Gene Giraffe Movie Night.

First, we want to thank Frito Lay for the Doritos for our walking tacos. We also want to thank Taco Tico for the donation of taco meat, First American Bank for donation of popcorn stand and popcorn, and Dariette for their donations from ice cream going to the project.

We also want to thank the staff at Dariette for the hospitality along with Rich and Jo Seltz for letting us experiment with a free movie night at their place. We also want to thank Josh Hayes from Iowa Central and Wally Schlienz for the PA system. We want to also thank Josh Seltz … and the rest of the Seltz families for helping with the fundraiser, and putting up the huge screen for the movie night.

Next, we want to thank our board members, our volunteers and everyone else who volunteered a hand. Couldn’t have pulled this off without all of you. We also want to thank The Messenger (Joe Sutter), Fort Dodge Press (Cain Junkman) and radio stations around the area for giving the movie night and the project a lot of exposure. It helped. A lot.

Last, we want to thank each and every one of you who came out and made Gene Giraffe Free Movie Night a success. We’re sure we’ll provide more movie nights in the future.

If we missed anyone, thank you.

Doug Passow


Gene Giraffe Project