FD council to consider containers

The Fort Dodge City Council will consider how to distribute 150 smaller garbage and recycling containers when it meets Monday.

The council meeting will begin at 5 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 819 First Ave. S. At that time, the council will meet as the city’s Board of Health to receive an update on two houses at which 35 cats and nine dogs were recovered on July 26. During its Aug. 11 meeting, the council directed that an expert at restoring buildings in the wake of disasters examine the houses at 310 and 312 G Street.

As soon as the discussion on the houses is completed, the elected officials will move on to consider how to distribute the 45-gallon solid waste containers.

The city staff is recommending that the new containers be given only to those residents who have a permanent handicapped placard that enables them to park in handicapped parking spaces.

Each of the city’s roughly 8,400 sanitation customers received two 95-gallon containers in January as the Public Works Department switched to a new collection method that relies on trucks with mechanical arms to pick up both garbage and recycling materials. Last spring, city officials began receiving complaints from residents who said the containers are too big. In response, the council purchased the smaller versions at a cost of $7,485.

The council’s regular business meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

During that session, the council will consider the first reading of a measure that would allow businesses to have signs on all exterior walls of their building.

The council is also expected to act on a water main contract and development agreements that would provide tax increment financing assistance to two projects. One of those projects is the proposed Crosstown Industrial Park on the city’s east side, The other is the Triton Plaza development on the south side of Kenyon Road between the water tower and U.S. Highway 169. It will include a hotel, office space, stores and apartments.