Sullivan apprehended Saturday evening

According to Webster County Sheriff Jim Stubbs, escaped inmate Jason Sullivan was apprehended early Saturday evening and is back in custody.

Stubbs said Sullivan was arrested in Fort Dodge by members of the Fort Dodge Police Department. He said the effort to find and apprehend him was a successful joint effort between his own department, the Fort Dodge Police and members of the public who he said helped provide valuable information.

Stubbs said he expected Sullivan to appear in court Monday.

“We will be looking at other charges with the Webster County Attorney’s office,” Stubbs said.

In addition, a Fort Dodge woman, Sarah Nicholle Ritter, 37, of 1713 1/2 Second Ave. S. is facing a felony charge of aiding and abetting escape from custody and several aggravated misdemeanor charges for her alleged role in helping with the escape from the Webster County Jail Thursday night.

According to charging documents, Ritter allegedly aided and abetted George Henry Johnson, 32, after his escape from the jail, in addition, she is alleged to have been an accessory after the fact by harboring, aiding or concealing Johnson. The complaint also accuses her of carrying weapons, in this case, an electronic stun gun.

George Johnson and Jason Patrick Sullivan escaped the Webster County Jail by climbing through a vent in a locked room behind a drier. The two used sheets tied together to reach partway to the ground.

Johnson was apprehended at Trinity Regional Medical Center when he sought treatment for injuries sustained in the escape.

Webster County Magistrate Steve Kersten set bond at $2,000 for the carrying weapons charge, $2,000 for the accessory after the fact charge and $5,000 for the aiding and abetting escape from custody charge.