Backs Joni Ernst for Senate

To the editor:

If we want to make real changes in Washington, we need to elect people with relevant real-life experience. In our U.S. Senate race here in Iowa, I think it’s clear that the candidate with the best experience is Joni Ernst. Joni’s a female combat veteran and a lieutenant colonel, so she clearly understands the issues that affect our women who serve in the military better than her opponent ever could. Not only that, she is willing to step out and advocate for bold reforms to make sure our women who serve are protected. She’s got the experience, and she’s already putting it to good use.

As a fellow veteran – I served as a USAF intelligence operations specialist for 14 years and as a criminal investigator (special agent) for six years – I commend Joni for her service and her experiences. She’s the kind of leader we can send to Washington and trust to get things done.

David L. Mills