From our Files, Aug. 20, 2014

Aug. 20, 2004

NEWS: Corn Belt Power Cooperative received a $74 million loan from the USDA that was to be used to build a power plant in Council Bluffs.

SPORTS: The Detroit Tigers beat the Chicago White Sox 8-4.

Aug. 20, 1989

NEWS: David Flattery was named assistant vice president at First Interstate Bank Fort Dodge.

SPORTS: The Texas Rangers beat the Chicago White Sox 7-6.

Aug. 20, 1964

NEWS: Ken and Ray Erpelding, of Bode, showed the grand and reserve grand baby beef at the Kossuth County Fair.

SPORTS: Bruce Burchfield, of Humboldt, won the Humboldt County Club’s Junior golf championship with a 77 round.