Objects to intrusion

To the editor:

Why on earth would you bring a dog to a funeral visitation?

On Aug. 13, we had two unexpected and unwelcome guests show up at my mother’s funeral visitation. A stranger with a dog walked through the front doors of (a local funeral home), and the dog promptly peed on the floor.

The stranger explained the dog “Albert,” was a nursing home therapy dog, and visited residents in six nursing homes each week. She was sure that they had visited my Mom. Since Mom was in the Marian Home for only a little more than a week, I had my doubts that they had ever visited her.

She led the dog around the room, interrupting visitors to introduce Albert. Now I’m sure Albert is a welcome guest at the various nursing homes, and I’m sure residents and families can choose the time and place to interact with him. But this was not the time or place.

Finally, my brother had enough, and asked the (funeral home) folks to have her leave, which she did.

So, whoever is in charge of this program, here’s some open advice: Make sure you’re welcome before intruding on a funeral service. Call ahead, or come in and ask before you bring “Albert” into a funeral visitation. And by all means, make sure he’s housebroken before you take him anywhere.

Mike Scott

Kahoka, Mo.