Thank you, Chief Carmody

To the editor:

While one might be tempted to focus on the loss, I prefer to take a more thankful and positive view. As you know, Chief Tim Carmody is leaving the Fort Dodge Police Department to assume that role in Council Bluffs. Congratulations. As I told their mayor, you can pick Tim or you can get it wrong. As he departs, I truly appreciate all he brought to public safety in our community and to the broader region. Our spirit of cooperative law enforcement was well underway when he arrived dating back to Sheriff Mickelson and Chief Utley. But he nurtured that effort to make it even more successful. Internally, he raised morale, training, professionalism and pride at the police department. All extremely critical elements. His greatest accomplishment, in my view, may well be how he connected this community to its Police Department again. Citizen’s Academy, Neighborhood Watch, press releases and the list goes on.

On a personal level, his insight and caring held immense value. Modeling his example was the best compliment I could extend. So, my friend and his wife, Nan, are moving home. Very difficult to see anything bad in that. He was a completely selfless leader and now it is our turn to be selfless as we wish him success, happiness and fulfillment in his new position and in his eventual retirement. Thanks for all you are and all you did for our community. Be safe and God bless.

Lt. Kelly Hindman

District No. 7

Iowa State Patrol

Fort Dodge