Paulsen uneasy about award

POCAHONTAS – An emergency medical service leader in Pocahontas County will be honored by the Iowa Hospital Association in October.

The group will present Dan Paulsen with an Iowa Hospital Heroes Award.

Paulsen is the emergency medical service director for Pocahontas Community Hospital. He’s also the emergency medical service coordinator for Pocahontas County and a medicolegal death investigator for the county medical examiner. He continues to work in those capacities despite a battle with cancer that has cost him most of his right leg.

”I would feel a lot more comfortable if it was a group award,” Paulsen said. ”We do everything as a team here at Pocahontas Community Hospital, and I see heroic acts every day, especially on the ambulance. I’d rather cheer somebody else on.”

”I feel guilty about taking an award for something I love to do,” he added.

Paulsen said his co-workers nominated him for the award with a letter-writing campaign that they managed to keep secret from him.

”I was really honored that they thought enough of my work to do that and I was just flat out stunned that I was selected for the award,” he said.

The award will be presented Oct. 8 at Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Des Moines.