Woman faces five FD code violations

The Fort Dodge woman whose 35 cats and nine dogs were impounded by police last month is facing five violations of the Fort Dodge Municipal Code.

Kathleen Bond, 61, pleaded not guilty on Thursday to one count of disturbing the peace and four counts of failure to register an animal.

In Fort Dodge, the city code requires all cat and dog owners to renew licenses with the city clerk every January for each pet older than three months.

Bond’s trial is set for Sept. 4.

Bond did not attend her initial appearance, but pleaded not guilty in writing.

The 44 animals that Bond allegedly housed were living in two G Street homes that had dangerous levels of ammonia, according to authorities.

Police impounded the animals on July 26 after firefighters ventilated the two houses.

Officers saw signs of animal neglect inside both homes, but because of the ammonia, they were unable to complete their investigation.

Firefighters, who had to wear hazmat suits, found the concentration of the ammonia was up to 200 parts per million, which is unsafe for people.

Fort Dodge officials want experts skilled at restoring buildings in the wake of disasters to check out the two houses.

On Monday, the City Council, acting as the Board of Health, ordered an inspection to be completed by experts in two to three weeks.

Bond, who lived at 312 G St., has not been in the houses since the animals were removed. The address of the second house is 310 G St.

Police announced earlier this month that homes had been found for all of the animals.

Webster County Animal Control Officer Blaine Hepp, as well as volunteers from Almost Home/Humane Society of North Central Iowa located in Fort Dodge responded and helped recover with the animals.

Police investigated the homes after they learned of alleged animal neglect from neighbors.