Reacts to Pat Matter story

To the editor:

Although I found several issues in Barbara Wallace Hughes’ interview of Pat Matter (Messenger, Aug. 3) disturbing, there is one in particular I would like to address.

Of Mr. Matter’s call to fame, he stated “he had never killed anyone.” I wonder if he ever thought about the sorrow, hurt, and even loss of life he caused the people he was selling and dealing illegal drugs to. They could probably number in the hundreds and perhaps thousands. But it wasn’t “about the drugs or people, it was the money. There was money to be made” and he made millions.

Why The Messenger chose to do a front page and nearly three pages of news reporting on Mr. Matter’s lifestyle is concerning. Ms. Hughes is a better journalist than this type of “junk” and I’m really glad she didn’t need to forgo her vacation to do the interview.

If Mr. Matter wants to promote his book, I would suggest he do it from the back of his motorcycle as he travels the country.

The Messenger is better than this type of reporting.

Steven Rozek

Fort Dodge