From Our Files: Aug. 13, 2014

Aug. 13, 2004

NEWS: Hawkeye Community Theatre performed “Jake’s Women.”

SPORTS: Darin Putney had the low individual gross score at the Lakeside Tuesday Night Men’s League with 34.

Aug. 13, 1989

NEWS: The El Paso Kid (Joe Hunt) and Slo Freight Ben (Benita Sanke) were crowned king and queen of hobos at the National Hobo Convention in Britt.

SPORTS: The L.A. Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 5-1.

Aug. 13, 1964

NEWS: Mark Sampson and Steve Lundell had the best entry in the back-to-school parade, representing an electric computer with the heading “Brains for Rent.”

SPORTS: Gowrie beat Bancroft 4-3 in baseball.