Credit card scam reported in FD

Law enforcement officials are urging people to guard their credit card information in the wake of a reported scam in Fort Dodge Friday.

Nine people reported that a man called them claiming to represent a local business and stating that, because of a computer malfunction, he needed their credit card numbers to process bills for items they had previously purchased.

The incident is under investigation by Fort Dodge police.

People who received the calls told The Messenger that the man had what sounded like a foreign accent.

“Never give out your credit card number over the phone, regardless of who is calling,” said Iowa Assistant Attorney General Jessica Whitney. “If someone’s calling for your credit card number, it’s fake, it’s a scam.”

Whitney said if the caller claims to be from a business an individual has dealt with before, the best move is to hang up the phone, then find a phone number for the business and call it.