Old Settler’s Day brings community camaraderie

FARNHAMVILLE – Civic groups have come together to ensure neighbors and friends will be able to gather for fun and community camaraderie Saturday during Old Settler’s Day in Farnhamville.

“It’s always nice to get as many of the community members involved as possible,” said Abby Skoglund, treasurer with the Community Betterment Club.

Primarily organized by the Community Betterment Club, Old Settler’s Day is an annual summertime event complete with a softball tournament, parade, public lunch in the park, an ice cream social and musical trio in the evening. Bringing it all together can be a challenge, Skoglund said, but cooperation between local groups makes it easier.

And the citizen’s appreciation makes it worth it.

“What makes it worthwhile is when you see everyone from the community come out the day of the event,” she said. “Then after it’s over, people will come up and thank you and all the volunteers for taking time out of their schedules to make it happen.”

This year, members of the public library board of directors volunteered to call numbers and pass out cards at the bingo games, Skoglund said, which is good because bingo was an undertaking that the betterment club wasn’t sure it could continue with this year had the library board not stepped up. There just weren’t enough hands to go around otherwise.

Another group lending its time and energy is the Cedar-Reading Volunteer Fire Department. Its members will be helping with the kids’ games, particularly water games, Skoglund said. Children will get a chance to spray the hose and get some hands-on knowledge of the strength and skill it takes to be a firefighter.

Other activities will include a morning fun run/walk, an afternoon cake walk, a car show and a horseshoe competition. And while some shake ups have to the line-up, Skoglund said one tradition had to remain the same.

“We always try to get a magician,” Skoglund said. “The kids always love that.”