Homes found for 35 rescued FD felines

Homes have been found for the 35 cats recovered last month after a Fort Dodge woman took them in.

The nine dogs removed from the homes at 310 and 312 G St. in Fort Dodge are in the care of Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, according to a press release. Once groomed, they will be licensed and moved into new homes.

“As much as you love animals, know what your limits and responsibilities are to provide care to the pets and do not over extend yourself,” Assistant Fort Dodge Police Chief Kevin Doty said in an email.

Fort Dodge police are continuing work with the Webster County attorney and the Fort Dodge city attorney to determine whether any charges should be filed.

The Webster County attorney’s office does not have any information on the case yet, Ryan Baldridge, assistant county attorney, said.

The animals were recovered by police July 26 following allegations of animal neglect.

Property owner Kathleen Bond, 61, allegedly took in the animals and was unable to properly care for them, resulting in unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions.

A previous press release said firefighters saw between 40 and 50 cats and eight dogs.

Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa was asked by police to help with the recovery, but it is not housing any of the animals, said Tania Elliott, shelter director.

Chris Ball, Almost Home shelter manager, said such situations can become overwhelming.

“People get in a situation that is just completely beyond what one person can manage,” she said. “It’s not healthy for the animals. It’s beyond not sanitary. They don’t get the care and the socialization they need. And it just becomes very overwhelming for one person to manage that many animals on their own.”

Such situations are born of good intentions, Ball said.

“A lot of these people start with animals that come from less than ideal situations,” she said. “They’re strays, or they’re rescued from somebody who didn’t care for them. Most people that end up in that situation don’t do it because it’s a trophy, it’s because they honestly love those animals and they’re trying to help them and they just get overwhelmed.”