St. Ed makes Mitchell overall principal

Administrative changes are taking place at St. Edmond Catholic School ahead of its 2014-15 year.

“We’ve restructured the personnel we have had here into new duties as assigned,” Mary Gibb, St. Edmond president, said. “We feel this is the best use of the personnel we have.”

Linda Mitchell, St. Edmond Elementary principal, will now serve as preschool through 12th grade principal.

Among her duties, Mitchell will oversee all grades, curriculum and discipline, mentor new teachers, manage the school, oversee professional development, attend activities, put together special schedules, and attend team and faculty meetings.

“Linda has worked here for more than 30 years. You’re not going to find a candidate that’s going to have that much experience and knowledge about this school anywhere,” Gibb said. “She was the perfect fit for that position.”

Mitchell said she is excited being in the new position with the start of the school year.

“I look at it as an honor to try improve the school system and make it better, and everyone to make a difference,” she said.

Already, Mitchell is prepared for the tasks and responsibilities ahead.

“It’s a position I’ve always watched, what a high school principal does, but now to be involved,” she said. “I think the only really overwhelming thing is I have to attend high school prom,” she said. “I was always an administrator, a bystander, but now I’ll be involved.”

A privilege for Mitchell, she said, is to get to be with students for their entire education.

“My first class as a principal graduated this spring. It was 40 kids, and now this will be the second class,” she said. “It’s exciting to watch them grow and mature. I get to see them all the way through. I know them all, I know all the families.”

She added, “Building that relationship with parents is extremely important.”

Adolph Kochendorfer will serve as St. Edmond Catholic School associate principal. Among his roles, Kochendorfer has served as a physical education instructor and as the school’s basketball coach.

“He’s been an assistant dean of students for many years, and also holds an administrative license,” Gibb said. “He’ll be in the office half-time, and he’ll still teach PE half-time.”

Joe Shanks will serve as St. Edmond director of activities and Travis Patterson as director of Technology.

The building’s activities office has been remodeled, with Shanks and Kochendorfer joined by Gibb in the school.

Gibb, a former teacher, said she’s looking forward to being among students again.

“I love seeing the students, and I love being in the hallways when they’re passing and talking to them,” she said. “It’ll just be way more convenient for me to step into classrooms and see all the good things that are happening. I’m extremely excited about being in there.”