L-M, PAC discuss sharing athletics and activities

LAURENS – An agreement between two schools on athletics and activities sharing is expected to be reached by August.

The Laurens-Marathon Community School District has been considering an athletic sharing agreement for the past several years, according to L-M Superintendent Jeff Kruse.

A joint board meeting with Laurens and the Pocahontas Area Community School District was held Wednesday night to discuss the agreement.

Kruse said there are multiple reasons for the L-M school board pursuing a sharing agreement with Pocahontas.

“There are low participation numbers for Laurens-Marathon and there’s been an inability to offer programming,” Kruse said. “The second issue we’ve had is difficulty in finding activity sponsors.”

Specifics of the agreement were discussed at Wednesday’s joint board meeting.

The shared athletics and activities agreement will last four years, but for the first two years football will be excluded. After discussions Wednesday, it was decided to not share the drill team until the next school year because both schools teams have already been selected for this year.

“In future years, by May 1, we want to have the athletic directors work on schedules together,” Kruse said. “We want to work on having activities over here when it makes sense.”

Most of the activities will be held at the Pocahontas schools.

The Laurens-Marathon board also adjusted their good conduct and athletic eligibility code to match the Pocahontas Area’s, as well as adopting the Pocahontas school’s ticket prices to make everything consistent between the schools.

Pocahontas Area Superintendent Joseph Kramer said it was very important to make sure both schools had the same athletic code of conduct.

“There’s nothing worse than having kids from different schools playing together who are caught violating that policy and having two different sets of consequences,” Kramer said.

The Laurens-Marathon school board also voted to begin the process of leaving their district’s shared wrestling agreement with the Sioux Central school district.

The agreements are expected to be put to a vote at each district’s next board meeting, both of which are scheduled for Aug. 11.

If approved, the sharing agreement would benefit the students at Laurens.

“If we have low participation numbers, it would allow students who want to participate a chance to do that,” Kruse said.