Peaceful resolution is a job well done

An early morning standoff in Fort Dodge ended peacefully Tuesday, thanks to cooperation among local law enforcement officials who showed incredible patience, the wisdom that comes with experience and old-fashioned good judgment.

Initially, officers had a report that a man had threatened to shoot a Messenger newspaper carrier shortly before 5 a.m. A four-hour standoff ensued, during which officers knew there was an 82-year-old woman in the house.

In addition to Fort Dodge police officers, members of the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, the Webster County Fort Dodge Regional Special Emergency Response Team, the Webster County/Fort Dodge Reserve Unit and the Iowa State Patrol, along with a UnityPoint/Trinity Regional Medical Center ambulance worked together on the scene.

On multiple occasions, the suspect, Kristopher Fye, made telephone contact with officers, promising to come out in 5 minutes, then not following through.

Officers, including Iowa State Patrol hostage negotiators, talked with Fye until he surrendered to SERT team members shortly after 10 a.m.

A situation that could have had any number of tragic outcomes was concluded peacefully and without injury. Congratulations to all who brought about that resolution.