FD Police recover close to 60 animals

Fort Dodge Police recovered close to 60 animals from 310 and 312 G St. after learning of alleged animal neglect Saturday.

Kathleen Bond, 61, the property owner, allegedly had taken in numerous dogs and cats, and was unable to properly care for them, resulting in unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions.

Bond has not been charged with anything, Police Chief Tim Carmody said.

Bond cooperated with law enforcement and allowed officers to inspect both residences. Officers observed obvious signs of animal neglect inside both homes, but due to high levels of ammonia in the air they were not able to enter and complete their investigation.

Police secured to prevent people from going inside without appropriate protective equipment.

Due to the health concerns, Fort Dodge Fire Department assisted at the scene.

Firefighters wore HAZMAT suits when the entered the homes and found 8 dogs and between 40 and 50 cats.

They opened windows to ventilate the ammonia out of the homes.

Webster County Animal Control Officer Blaine Hepp, as well as volunteers with Almost Home Animal Shelter also responded and helped in the recovery of the 8 dogs from 312 G St. These animals were impounded and will be evaluated and treated for any neglect or injuries.

Police determined that it was safe for the cats to stay at the houses in the short term while Almost Home and Hepp worked to find rescue shelters that would take them in. Over the rest of the weekend both Almost Home and Hepp have continued to work to find shelter space for the cats.

Police said they want to thank Fort Dodge Fire Department, Almost Home and Hepp for their coordinated effort to make a potentially dangerous situation safe and for helping to rescue the animals inside.