Backs Ben Smith

To the editor:

The Sac County Republican Central Committee would like to publicly express our support for the actions being taken by our elected county attorney, Mr. Ben Smith. This public showing of support is in direct response to a June 8 editorial in the Des Moines Register and several subsequent articles in other publications. It is the duty of our board to find the best candidates for the service of our county, and we stand behind and support Smith, both in the record of his accomplishments while in office, and in his upcoming election bid.

The June 8 editorial did noting short of suggest that actions pursued by Ben Smith were resulting in what amounts to the cruel and unusual treatment of a felon. The truth of the matter is that these allegations are unmerited, and no judge would order such action if they felt it violated the Constitution that they have all sworn to uphold and defend.

Ben Smith has been able to bring closure to a case that had seemed to go cold, and bring a small bit of justice to the family that has lost so much by the actions of the woman who was found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, by a jury of her peers.

The Richter trial has taken the limelight in Smith’s term, but he has proven to be an invaluable asset to the county as a whole in the fulfillment of his duties that do not get published in the paper on a weekly basis. Smith has acted admirably in the service of the people of Sac County, and we proudly support him in his efforts.

Chris Mason

Sac County Republican Central Committee