Tjaden Electric expands its services

BADGER – Tjaden Electric, of Badger, recently expanded to include data and communication services.

While celebrating 35 years of being in business, the company added Tjaden Communications on April 28.

“We offer pretty much any kind of computer service you would want,” said Jeremy Goodner, owner of Tjaden Communications.

This includes data networks, tech services, point of sale and voice over Internet protocol.

Tjaden offers fiber optic cables, which can get speeds beyond 40 gigabits per second.

“Fiber is pretty limitless,” Goodner said. “It’s constantly expanding. There’s really no known cap.”

Though Tjaden can install fiber optic cables, the speed customers actually get depends on the equipment they use and their service providers.

Tjaden also offers other types of cables, depending on what a business needs.

Besides installing the cables, Tjaden can also upgrade computer systems, since it is a reseller of Dell and Hewlett-Packard computers.

The business does offer service to residential properties, but mostly works with commercial and industrial properties.

Last week, Tjaden Communications upgraded a local firm’s computer system by adding new computers and organizing the server rack.

Before Goodner organized the server rack, the wires were tangled and it was difficult to know what they were connected to.

“It was a pretty good-sized upgrade,” Goodner said.

Before offering data, the jobs Tjaden did still required data networks.

This would have to be contracted to another business.

“It follows right along with my business,” said Shane Harrison, owner of Tjaden Electric. “We’ve looked at it for years.”

Harrison said he was glad that Goodner came back to Badger, after working with IBM for seven years as a systems engineer.

Goodner now uses his experience to provide service to Tjaden’s customers.

Goodner is the person who deals with the data side of the businesses.

With Goodner’s help, and the addition of Tjaden Communications, the business can now do complete setups.

Harrison said the data business was a much better than the previous sister company.

Before Tjaden dealt with data networks, its sister company was Unique Security.

Iowa Fire Control took over the security business, which Harrison said was a much better fit.