House fire ‘guts’ second floor.

The second floor of a home at 1107 Ave. B is “gutted” after a bedroom caught fire at around noon, Fort Dodge Fire Department Capt. Steve Hergenreter said.

Brenda Krimmel, the building’s tenant, went home after hearing a suspicious vehicle was in her driveway. While checking if anything was missing from her home, she smelled smoke upstairs.

“I smelled smoke and heard the thing beeping,” Krimmel said. “I thought that maybe the batteries were dead.”

When she went upstairs to check on the beeping, she saw smoke.

“As soon as I seen that door – that smoke – I went back down,” she said.

Then she called 911.

Hergenretter said the second floor took heavy smoke and heat damage and he didn’t know how the fire started.

The Fire Marshall was called in to find what started the fire.

Krimmel said she was in the process of moving out, so she didn’t have many things upstairs.

When firefighters arrived, there was confusion.

“A neighbor thought there were kids in there,” Hergenreter said.

Because of the confusion, firefighters were originally in a search-and-rescue mentality.

The bedroom on the second floor had zero visibility.

Krimmel said she hadn’t been at the house since Thursday evening.