Lehigh city clerk suspended

LEHIGH – Lehigh City Clerk Wanda Ganeff has been suspended – though city officials declined to say why Monday.

“To my knowledge she was suspended today,” said Lehigh Mayor Mark Johnson.

Johnson said he had very little information, and needed to consult with City Attorney Michael Tungesvik.

“Until I talk with the city attorney that’s about all there is to say,” Johnson said. “This is kind of news to everybody.”

Calls to Tungesvik’s office were not returned Monday.

City Council member Margaret Orr declined to give any further information.

“I’m not going to say anything. No comment,” Orr said.

A woman who answered a call to council member Doug Dellachiesa’s home said he had no comment.

Attempts to reach Ganeff and council members Dwight Tuel and Troy Twito were unsuccessful. A phone number for council member Kay Timmons could not be located Monday.

Ganeff was suspended for one week in December 2012 after an allegation that she had approached city maintenance employee Paul Fawcett on his personal property, on his day off, about payment of a building permit.

The council voted 3-2 to keep Ganeff employed by the city at that time.

Fawcett submitted his resignation to the City Council at the June 13 meeting this year. Attempts to reach him were unsuccessful Monday.

In 2012, then-Mayor Paula Martin also cited a probationary period in 2010 and another in August 2012 as leading up to Ganeff’s suspension. She said Ganeff spent too much work time on city computers for personal use and took too many personal telephone calls.

At that meeting several Lehigh residents including Lehigh Fire Chief Kirk Kelley, council members and Ganeff’s family spoke in her favor, according to The Messenger’s records.