Celebrate Laurens! has wine, Superwoman

LAURENS – Tim Leith, of Laurens, was enjoying a sample of mead – a wine made with honey – at the Wine Festival portion of Celebrate Laurens!

Leith, was one of the individuals who had journeyed to Laurens, the sister city in France, where he had enjoyed some of the wines offered there.

The wines he was tasting Saturday are from Iowa, most made within an easy drive.

He likes them both.

“They’re very different,” he said. “They’re hard to compare, it’s apples and oranges.”

His verdict of the mead, whimsically called Bee’s Yak by River Valley Orchards & Winery, of Humboldt?

“It’s not what I expected honey to taste like after it’s been fermented,” he said.

Nicole Gibson, who co-owns River Valley, said that she enjoys visiting with people at the festival, talking wine and introducing them to new wines that might be out of their usual comfort zone.

Caroline Perryman, of Chicago, dressed up as Superwoman to ride on the Super Heroes Supporting the Pool float at the Celebrate Laurens! parade.

She kept her costume on to attend the food and games in the park afterward.

The costume is her own.

“I just had it around,” she said.

Turns out, being a caped crusader for pool funding can be exhausting for Superwoman.

“She’s probably going to take a nap soon,” Perryman said.

The Laurens Methodist Men were busy cooking hamburgers and hot dogs – the group was keeping about 50 patties going on a large charcoal grill.

Doc VanGeneren, of Laurens, was referred to as the master of the grill by his fellow burger chefs because he was not being singled out by the smoke.

“It seems to be a problem for all of us,” he said.

Their burgers and hot dogs are a popular food item and a line usually forms. There is a limit though. VanGeneren said they will prepare exactly 320 burgers.

“When we’re out,” he said, “then we’re out.”

Laser Tag was a popular game in the park Saturday.

Austin Etler, 11, and his friend Tate Gibson, 11, both of Gilbert, were making up a formidable team as they hid behind an inflated log and a pile of ACME-labeled inflatable boxes.

How do you win? Try not get zapped.

“We’re trying to get more kills than the blue team,” Etler said.

Other events Saturday included a street dance and beer garden, pancake breakfast and annual parade.