McCarville wants GOP to support candidacy

Joseph McCarville will seek the Republican nomination for the position of Webster County attorney.

He announced his decision Thursday.

McCarville, an attorney with the Webster County public defender’s office, previously made a bid for the Democratic nomination. He was defeated by Jennifer Benson, the current first assistant Webster County attorney, at a reconvened Democratic convention July 1.

The Webster County Republican Party will hold a nominating convention at 7 p.m. July 31 at the local Republican Party headquarters, 900 Central Ave., said Jamie Johnson, party chair.

McCarville said he had switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat to run for that nomination. He has now switched back to Republican.

“At the time I made my decision to pursue it, they were the only party holding a convention,” McCarville said.

Johnson had previously stated the Republicans would hold a convention if a candidate was interested.

“I think they did say that after I had started to pursue the Democratic nomination,” McCarville said.

“It would have been quicker, easier and more convenient if I had won the Democratic nomination,” he added. “I don’t think Jennifer Benson would have run as a Republican.”

Johnson said the party had essentially quit looking for a candidate as of July 1.

“We didn’t find anyone. He found us,” Johnson said. “He has to still be voted on by the committee.”

McCarville said he would be a good candidate because of his many years of experience.

“I was raised in Fort Dodge, my roots are here, my family’s here, I’ve been practicing law here 25 years, I have the respect of the legal community and the judges,” he said. “I know what I’m doing in the courtroom, and defending cases, and I think that will carry over to prosecuting cases as well.”

A native of Webster County, McCarville has worked in the public defender’s office since 2000.

McCarville said he is currently not involved in any public defender cases in Webster County, to remove a potential conflict of interest should he be elected.

If nominated, McCarville will face off against Benson in the November general election.

Webster County Attorney Cori Kuhn Coleman announced on June 7 that she was withdrawing her name from the November ballot.