Lauds Cardiac Rehab Center

To the editor:

I would like to thank the staff at the UnityPoint Cardiac Rehabilitation Center for their dedication in helping heart attack survivors find a new lease on life. These professionals truly work for the benefit of the patient with their smile, patience and instruction on how to improve life’s habits so as to avoid another heart attack. In addition to monitoring the heart during exercises, they provide classes on how to handle the impact of surviving a heart event, which includes improving eating habits, handling stress and many more subjects too numerous to mention.

When I began the program, I was not looking forward to what I thought was unnecessary. After all, I had read enough on heart health and thought what more can they teach me. Even at the halfway mark, I considered quitting because it interfered with my morning activities, but I learned they had much more to share. With instruction, they help provide a personal application and encouragement that affect the healing process. You can’t help but benefit from their combined knowledge in so many different areas.

They are also sensitive to other areas a patient may be struggling with, but afraid or hesitant to share. Until a heart event happens to you, it is difficult to put yourself in that person’s shoes, but these folks do just that. With tenderness, they comfort those who are struggling to understand the “why did this happen to me” question.

I’m happy I finished the course. My life is in better shape for it. They were always upbeat and smiling and they made therapy fun and a personal experience. They treat each person as individuals and allowed each one to progress at their own pace. Each session begins from the time a person walks through the door. No matter what they were doing, and most usually were very busy, as soon as they saw you, they would sing out in musical unison a cheery hello along with your name and a big smile. This greeting always started my session in a positive way.

They presented me with a certificate of completion, and a little other fanfare. But the support and encouragement they provide after a heart event is especially important and this rehabilitation center delivers. God bless you for giving so much, even though you are paid to do so, it was received with thanksgiving.

Syra Ibrahim

Fort Dodge