RV fire leaves Sioux City man and woman homeless

A Sioux City man and woman are homeless after their RV caught fire at around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday.

After Bill Kast and Sonya Holte’s RV broke down two weeks ago, they parked it in the Quality Inn parking lot at 2001 U.S Highway 169 .

“I was trying to sell it so we had a place to stay,” Kast said.

Kast and Holte lived in the RV and lost everything they own in the fire.

After management asked the two to move the RV, they moved it behind the hotel.

Employees said it was bad for business to have them staying in the lot.

Kast was in the process of selling the RV to Dick Erickson when the fire started.

“He was trying to start it,” when the fire started, Erickson said.

After the RV caught fire, Erickson still gave Kast some money.

“I feel so bad for him,” he said.

Kast said that after his RV broke down, he was broke.

“I’ve been without food for a whole week he said.”

The American Red Cross is expected to help the two get back on their feet, Fort Dodge Fire Department Captain Steve Hergenreter said.