Industrial park, Triton Plaza advance


Development of the Crosstown Industrial Park, the creation of a site to be called Triton Plaza and a road agreement that supports both projects were all advanced by the Fort Dodge City Council on Monday.

The council approved measures related to all three items unanimously and without discussion.

The elected officials approved an agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation under which Kenyon Road and parts of South Eighth Street and Second Avenue South will become city-owned streets.

The Department of Transportation will retain ownership of the Kenyon Road Bridge and the Karl King Viaduct. It will also give the city $9 million.

Kenyon Road, Eighth Street between Second and Fifth avenues south, and Second Avenue South between Eighth Street and U.S. Highway 169 make up Iowa Highway 926 and Business U.S. Highway 169

Once the transition to city ownership is complete, those streets will no longer have the Iowa Highway 926 or Business U.S. Highway 169 designations, according to City Manager David Fierke.

The Iowa Transportation Commission is expected to act on the agreement next month.

Some of the $9 million received from the state will be used to help pay for developing the Crosstown Industrial Park. That park will be on 140 acres north of the Decker Truck Line Inc. campus on Fifth Avenue South. The property is owned by Decker Investments Inc., of Fort Dodge.

On Monday, the council approved a resolution declaring its intent to enter a development agreement with Decker Investments Inc. Under the terms of that proposed agreement, the city would give the company $1,087,000 in tax increment financing money to pay for creating the industrial park.

Also on Monday, the council hired McClure Engineering Co., of Fort Dodge, to design the streets, water mains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers for the industrial park at a cost of $709,200.

Construction of the industrial park could begin this fall.

In May, the Iowa Transportation Commission awarded a $1,450,268 grant to help paying for extending First Avenue South and South 42nd Street into the site.

Triton Plaza would be located on the south side of Kenyon Road between the water tower and U.S. Highway 169. The proposal calls for a hotel, office space, stores and apartments there.

The council on Monday approved a resolution declaring its intent to enter a development agreement with Triton Plaza LLC which would give the firm $550,000 in tax increment financing money to help pay for extending utilities to the site.

Construction of Triton Plaza is expected to begin next spring.

Chad Schaeffer, the city’s director of engineering, business affairs and community growth, has said city ownership of Kenyon Road will mean that local leaders, not the state, will make decisions about the intersection of Tower Drive and Kenyon Road near the development site.