Fort Dodge Community Choir is back in the chapel

Aside from shaking the rafters with their powerful sound, the Fort Dodge Community Choir has done some other work on the roof at the Coppin Chapel American Methodist Episcopal Church recently.

The choir helped raise money for much-needed repairs to the aging church’s ceiling, said choir organizer Sherry Washington.

“This is our home church, because this is where a lot of our history is,” Washington said.

Sunday’s worship service brought together pastors and speakers from denominations throughout the community to deliver a message on faith and salvation.

The choir singers, too, are from various churches – including New Beginnings, Agape Church Kingdom Dominion, Second Baptist and the Coppin Chapel.

The choir will sing anywhere, and helps out all over town, Washington said.

“We go throughout the community and help with different services,” she said.

A photography display with a spiritual message was shown by choir singer Qunetta McCaleb.

“It’s called Spiritual Visions,” McCaleb said. “There are hidden things in the pictures.”

One photo captured a cloud that looked a lot like a horse, for example, and was accompanied by a scriptural allusion to a white horse. Another showed a face in a grain of wood, or a pattern of light and dark that formed two praying hands.

“I just developed a passion and a gift the Lord gave me to start taking pictures,” McCaleb said.

She has written a book on the project, she said.

Members of the H.C. Meriwether Lodge No. 46 served as ushers.

“We support this,” said Jameel Hameed, lodge master. “It’s helpful to bring the community back together.”

The choir can inspire the community to grow closer and fulfill its obligations, he said.

Jim Seward, Youth Shelter Care executive director, spoke on the need for new spiritual life.

“In order to walk by faith, we need a new life,” he said.

The Rev. Dan Prochaska, from By the Grace of God Church in Barnum, spoke about the need to re-claim a childlike faith.

The choir had held services twice a month at the Coppin Chapel, but stopped in May due to the roof repair, Washington said. In the meantime, it traveled around to other locations, such as Barnum and YSC.

It was accompanied Sunday by a five-piece rock band.

The Hat Ladies, led by Charlene Washington, also performed a capella spirituals.

The choir’s next worship service will be 3 p.m. July 27 at the Coppin Chapel.