Fair comes to a close Sunday

Several 4-H members got to show off their strength Sunday as a Tug of War contest was held on the final day of the Webster County Fair.

The Washington Winners 4-H club split up and competed against each other to see who was the strongest among them.

Daven Rees, 14, was at the front of the line trying to pull his way to victory.

“It was hard,” Rees said. “They had two really strong guys on their side.”

At one point, during a one-on-one contest, Rees got dragged into the mud, which caused him to feel a little uncomfortable.

“I’ve got mud in my shorts!” he said. “Not cool.”

Even though he got muddy, Rees said he still had fun.

“It was good,” he said. “I wish we could have had a little more people from more clubs.”

The event was open to all 4-H clubs, but only the Washington Winners were present at the competition Sunday.

Austin Stewart, 16, also ended up in the mud, though he jumped in on purpose.

“I had to do that,” he said, adding the mud did cool him off a little bit.

Madison Anderson, 16, also had a difficult time trying to pull her competition into the mud.

“It was kind of hard,” she said. “I didn’t have anything to grip because the sand was underneath my feet, but it was a lot of fun.”

The Washington Winners received a trophy for their victory.

Just next to the Tug of War contest, a Figure 8 race was being held on the race course at the grandstand.

Racers drove around the track, which was shaped like an “8,” several times before the winners were declared.

There were several different types of races, including stock car racing.

Lance Sedlacek, of Rockwell City, has been racing for five years.

“We always come here,” Sedlacek said.

He added that the most enjoyable part is entertaining the crowd.

“We’re just here to put on a show for everyone,” he said.

The cars would often kick up clouds of dust as they rounded corners, and they would also have to slow down at points to be sure they didn’t run into another racer.

“It’s pretty chaotic,” Sedlacek said.

Other events held Sunday included a pet show and the Parade of Champions, which concluded the fair.