LuVerne celebrates together

LUVERNE – Amber Goodell, of Clarion, did an amazing pull during the Adult Powder Puff heat at the annual LuVerne Celebration’s pedal pull competition.

She not only went the entire 40 feet, but did it in record time.

For her second pull, in which she went 32 feet and 3 inches, she waited for the crew to connect the sled to the pedal tractor before taking off.

“It’s harder than it looks,” she said after her race. “Especially with the sled attached.”

She was competing in the heat against Hillary Hilbert, of LuVerne.

Hilbert has a little experience, which came in her youth.

“I did when I was a kid,” Hilbert said. “I won a trophy.”

Of course, the overwhelming majority of the participants were children, including Zakk Coyle, 5, of Clarion. He’s Goodell’s son.

“This is my first pedal pull with him,” she said.

Coyle’s pull was good enough to earn him second place in his age bracket.

Roger Harris, of LuVerne, attended the celebration with his daughter, Sierra, 4.

Harris said he participated a few times when he was a child. In addition to watching his daughter pedal, he said he enjoys watching his community come together for the annual celebration.

Sierra Harris gave the pedal pull a rave review after her heat.

“I want to do it again,” she said.

Serenity Krannitz, 7, of LuVerne, gave the competition everything she had, too.

Her secret: “Pedal as hard as I can.”

Nothing could break her concentration; even a few drops of rain falling didn’t faze her at all.

“I don’t care about the sprinkles,” she said.

Dylan Riggert, 5, of Burt, won his age bracket with two full pulls. His dad, Jason Riggert, said he would take him to the state competition later.

Dylan’s prize was a toy John Deere tractor which matched the color on the one he pedalled in the competition.

He said it helps to pedal on the green ones, he said.

“I got him a red one to practice on,” his dad said.

Near the pedal pull contest, several teams had signed up to play in the Blaine Hefty Memorial Volleyball Tournament.

Ashley Hunt, of LuVerne, was one of them.

“We won the first one,” she said.

Her daughter, Leah Hunt, 2, found the sandy court a great place to explore between games. She gave the ball a few tosses while she was out there.

Is she a future teammate? “I think she just likes the ball,” Hunt said.

Hunt was planning on joining many in the community later for the annual parade. Her husband, Aaron Hunt, was going to be riding on one of the floats.

She admitted that he usually tosses her an extra handful of candy.

Other events through the day include a 5K run/walk, entertainment in the park, crowning of the prince and princess of LuVerne and fireworks in the evening.