FD street projects moving along

Contractors rebuilding a section of First Avenue North in downtown Fort Dodge continue to make progress despite recent heavy rains.

Across town, a project that’s temporarily turned parts of Sixth Avenue South and South 19th Street into deep trenches is also progressing.

First Avenue North

First Avenue North is being rebuilt between Third and Seventh streets.

The project includes total reconstruction of the driving surface, sidewalk replacement and installation of new water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and street lights. Those street lights will be the first LED street lights in the city.

Wicks Construction, of Decorah, has a $2,839,770.25 contract for the job.

Work started in April.

Tony Trotter, a project engineer in the city’s Engineering, Business Affairs and Community Growth Department, said water mains, storm sewers and sanitary sewers have been installed between Third and Fifth streets.

He said First Avenue North has been paved between Third and Fourth streets. It will be paved up to Fifth Street next week, he added.

Trotter said the project will “reach the halfway mark next week.”

The sandy soil beneath First Avenue North has allowed the work to go on despite the rain, according to Trotter. He said the water goes through that soil, making it possible to continue working there.

Sixth Avenue South

Wicks Construction also has a $2,463,909 contract to do the underground utilities work on parts of Sixth Avenue South and 19th Street. The project includes the installation of new water mains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers, plus reconstruction of the streets.

The work is being done along Sixth Avenue South between 17th and 19th streets and on 19th Street between First and Sixth avenues south.

Trotter said the new sanitary sewer will have quadruple the capacity of the one it is replacing. That, he said, should help to eliminate sewage backups into nearby homes during downpours.

He said all the water mains and sewers have been installed beneath Sixth Avenue South between 17th and 19th streets.

The underground utilities are now being installed under 19th Street between Sixth and Fourth avenues south.

Trotter said Fifth Avenue South will be reduced to one lane in each direction beginning the week of July 21 as the pipes are placed beneath the intersection of Fifth Avenue South and 19th Street. That traffic restriction will be in place for about two weeks.

This project has been slowed by the wet weather because the soil in the area has more clay in it, according to Trotter. He said when that kind of soil is wet it “gets sloppy and impossible to compact.”