Fair royalty crowned

Jacob Lewandowski and Rebecca Nellis were crowned the 2014 Webster County Fair king and queen at the annual ceremony Wednesday night.

Lewandowski, of Fort Dodge, is a member of the SonRays 4-H group, and was last year’s runner-up.

“I was able to expound on that this year,” Lewandowski said.

He added that he is looking forward to his tenure as fair king.

“I look forward to being given the honor of representing 4-H in parades this year,” he said.

Nellis, of Fort Dodge, and a member of Country Charmers, said she considers it “a great honor” to have been selected as the 2014 fair queen.

She said she hopes to use her position in a positive way.

“I like being a role model,” Nellis said. “My goal is to have people look up to me, and 4-H is a great way to do that.”

Lewandowski was one of five candidates for king; Nellis was one of 10 queen candidates.

Before being selected, each candidate introduced themselves and talked about the 4-H activities in which they are involved. They also answered two questions about being in 4-H.

Nellis said 4-H has improved her communication skills.

“It was the first experience that gave me the opportunity to communicate in front of large groups,” Nellis said. “4-H has given me lots of opportunities to become a better communicator.”

When asked about a time when he was unable to complete a goal, Lewandowski talked about a time when he bought eight ducks and never finished his intention, which was to butcher them.

“I was not allowed to butcher them because my family got emotionally attached,” he said, causing the audience to laugh. “I never accomplished my goal.”

The pair succeed last year’s king and queen, Nolan Mitchell and Libby Anderlik.

Mitchell said being fair king involved a lot of travel.

“I went around quite a bit,” he said. “I handed out ribbons and trophies at shows, and I got pied in the face.”

Anderlik said her experiences were similar.

“I showed up to all the shows,” she said. “I hugged a lot of little girls and spent five days at the state fair. I also went to a lot of parades with Nolan.”

The 2014 fair king and queen runners-up were Josh Carlson and Miranda Keith.