Easements move crosstown connector forward

Several temporary easements to enable work on Fort Dodge’s crosstown connector project were approved by the Webster County Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

The board also approved a promotion to full-time for the county’s trail technician, heard a drainage completion hearing for a Webster-Calhoun joint district, and placed on file fee reports from the Webster County sheriff and the recorder’s office.

The county approved a temporary easement for construction along First Avenue South and South Seventh Street, as well as a permanent easement for sidewalk work at the southwest corner of First Avenue South and South Eighth Street, both near the county’s bank building.

The permanent easement will allow the Northwest Bank sign to stay where it is while maintaining the proper setback, said Fort Dodge Community Development Manager Vickie Reeck.

The temporary work will allow construction of handicap-accessible sidewalks, she said. The work should take about 90 days, but Reeck said it was unclear if it will be done during this construction season or the next one.

Fort Dodge will also take possession of a corner of the county parking lot on the south side of First Avenue South.

“As part of that, it will reconfigure the parking,” said Reeck. “So we will restripe the whole parking lot, so it is usable for you. You will probably lose two to three parking spaces.”

The city awarded a $3.8 million contract on June 23 for the first phase of the crosstown connector project. Wicks Construction, of Decorah, will work on First Avenue South between Fourth and Ninth streets, and will link First and Second avenues south with a roundabout intersection at Sixth Street.

Trail technician

Trail Technician Andy Stanberg will move from part-time to full-time thanks to help from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“For the last two years, the city and the county have shared a trail employee,” said Webster County Conservation Director Matt Cosgrove. “Andy works on city and county trails, and he’s done some water trails as well.”

Now, the DNR’s water trails group will join in the partnership to pay for more hours for Stanberg.

“They want to do some more mapping, access work and stuff like that,” Cosgrove said.

The trail technician’s pay is split 40 percent from the county, 40 percent city and 20 percent DNR, he said.

Quarterly Reports received

The board received the quarterly fee reports from the sheriff’s and recorder’s departments, for the period ending June 30.

The Sheriff’s Department reported a total of $16,735.22 to be delivered to the county treasurer. The department brought in a total of $237,809.07 in fees and had $214,763.22 in disbursements.

A total of $53,424.16 in fees was collected by the county treasurer’s office.

Webster-Calhoun Drainage district completion

In a joint meeting with the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors, the board heard a completion hearing for joint drainage district number 12 Webster-38 Calhoun.

The total cost of the project was $202,138.26 for an area covering about 4,100 acres in Webster and 400 acres in Calhoun counties. Work was done last year by Reutzel Excavating, which returned in the spring to fix some problem areas, said John Milligan of MHF Engineering.

Very few people from the district came to the hearing. One said the contractor did an excellent job, and the project has drained well in all the recent rain.

“No complaints,” said Marlin Geisler, of Gowrie. “The construction went very well.”

Milligan said the contractor did not keep accurate records of all the pipes, which required MHF Engineering to send out their own crews and look over the pipe. The cost for this work was $1,216, which the supervisors said they will withhold from Reutzel’s retainer.