‘Really funny, really serious’ play to open

The Hawkeye Community Theatre will perform “Rabbit Hole,” the story of a family overcoming the death of a young boy, on July 8-13.

“People just need to see it,” actor Josh Teul said.

Tickets are available online for $10.

“It’s about learning to cope with a loss and getting back to a normal life,” Director Adam Liker said.

“Rabbit Hole” is the story of Becca and Howie Corbett, a couple trying to recover from the loss of their only son only eight months earlier.

Liker said the Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Rabbit Hole,” is unlike most plays.

“It’s really funny and really serious,” Liker said. “A lot of plays are just funny.”

This is Liker’s first time directing a play, but he knew from the beginning that he wanted to direct “Rabbit Hole.”

He first saw the play seven years ago in Sioux City.

“It really stuck with me,” he said. “If I have a hard time, I go back to (the play).”

Since it’s Liker’s first time he’s directed a play, he has faced some challenges.

“It’s difficult because the actors are very experienced,” Liker said. “I want to enhance the play where I can.”

Another challenge was setting up the scene.

“It’s a big scene, making it difficult to fit on one stage,” Liker said.

But Liker said he’s happy with how the stage turned out.

Teul, who plays Howie, a middle-aged father dealing with the loss of his only son, joined the cast late, but said he is “looking forward to getting the show on the road.”

“It’s a good script,” Teul said. “There’s tension, tenderness and comedy all wrapped up in a heavy subject matter.”

The other cast members are Amber Rouse, Alyssa Sparks, Karie Karr and Jake Duarte.