Local gardeners invite visitors to find beauty

Eight Fort Dodge gardeners will welcome guests to their gardens during the 13th annual Tour of Gardens on Saturday.

The garden tour is sponsored by the Fort Dodge Federated Garden Club.

“Visitors will find plenty of beauty in lots of different styles,” Jan Krass, vice president of the Garden Club, said.

One of the gardens featured belongs to Garden Club member Sharon Perkins, who said she is excited to show her garden.

“It’s always fun,” Perkins said. “I love the garden tour.”

She enjoys seeing everyone else’s gardens and getting new ideas, she said.

“Part of the joy of gardening is to share with others,” she said.

Her leafy vegetables have done very well this year, so she has given a lot away to her neighbors and family members.

Perkins joked that another benefit of having a garden is that her husband has less and less lawn to mow as she continues to expand her garden.

She just finished putting in a new front deck and is adding to the garden in her front yard.

In addition to the new deck, people who visit Perkins’ garden will see a compact perennial and vegetable garden with a welcoming fire pit.

“It’s always a work in progress,” Perkins said.

Another part of the work in progress is finding new plants.

“I like to try different plants,” she said. She attends nursery hops too and finds different types of plants to add to her garden.

In addition to Perkins’ garden, visitors on the tour will see a garden developed from nothing over 39 years, a garden with an arrangement of art, antiques, weathered wood and a waterfall and another with a mix of plants, flea market treasures and garden decor.

“You can get different ideas,” Perkins said of the other gardens on the tour. “Some of the gardens I see are absolutely fantastic.”t 2713 21st Ave. N.

People who bought tickets in advance can join the walk whenever they want, Krass