Not happy with candidates

To the editor:

It is amusing to me how Democratic and Republican state governors run their campaigns to nourish their personalities. They speak of their accomplishments as if thy did it all by themselves. Can you imagine Democratic and Republican mayors in cities, towns and villages who labor for the needs of and for those they govern and not get credit for it? Can you imagine a Democratic or Republican state governor who signs bills into law that have been passed by hard-working Republican and Democratic leaders in their respective legislative bodies and not be recognized by the state governor?

You don’t see or hear much bipartisanship when Republican and Democratic governors “hog the spot-light” during their re-election to hold the office. We need to thank the legislators of any state who look after the necessities of the people they write laws for and give them the credit when they act in the public interest. I think we need to thank those who make schools better, provide employment, balance budgets, assure health care and secure public safety. We should give thanks for those business leaders who by their own criteria decide whether to come into a governor’s state without embellishment to establish a company’s growth and expansion.

Both Democratic and Republican governors up for re-election should speak of those who make things happen in their state for the good of the people and not act like they did it by themselves.

Kermit Smith

Fort Dodge