New car starts garage fire

No one was injured after a garage caught fire at 1406 S. 21st St. around 5 p.m. Sunday.

The owners had left their home minutes after parking a car they bought yesterday in the garage, according to Fort Dodge Fire Department Captain Paul Neeson.

“Next thing we know, the car’s on fire,” Neeson said.

The car was parked 15 minutes before the Fire Department received the call.

“The damage is to extensive to pinpoint where the fire started,” Neeson said. But he said it started somewhere in the engine of the car.

The owners came home after the fire was put out.

Their car suffered flame damage while the inside of the garage had heavy smoke and water damage.

Neighbor Vickey and Scott Groat said they watched fire fighters break down the garage door.

Scott Groat saw “a lot of thick black smoke,” he said.

“It’s amazing that the gas tank inside by the door didn’t blow up or anything,” he said.