Lauds Citizen’s Academy

To the editor:

I want to share my enthusiasm about the amazing opportunity that was made available to me and to the many others who have participated in the Fort Dodge/Webster County Citizen’s Academy Program. The program met each Tuesday evening for three hours for eight weeks consecutively – 24 hours of class time that time just flew by. It was really great to meet the folks behind the uniforms – a good reminder to us that they are flesh and blood people; not a person with a badge/uniform “just doing their job.” They put their lives on the line daily for us, and it is often a thankless job, So, I want to say “thank you.”

Each evening several presenters in the area of public safety shared with the class what they do to serve us in the community. They were all very passionate about serving to make our community even better. Each speaker was honest and open when they told us the realities involved with the community service that they provide, and in answering our questions. Everyone did a great job giving us as much information as possible in the time allotted.

I learned so much about many of the different organizations/resources available in our community for those who want to be helped to go forward to be contributing citizens. On the last evening of the program I left feeling thankful that I had been given this opportunity and even more proud of my community. Thank you for providing the Citizen’s Academy program. I highly encourage participation the next time it is offered. You will be glad that you invested the time to do so.

Janice Lewandowski

Fort Dodge