ILF sets Tuesday Webster County field day

BADGER – Iowa Learning Farms will host a strip-till and cover crops for nutrient management field day from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Badger.

The event will be held at the Mark Thompson farm, 2585 120th St., near Badger.

Go one-third of a mile east from Badger on County Road C56.

Topics to be discussed include the use of strip-tillage and cover crops as conservation farming techniques, and how these methods reduce water impairment and pollution.

The event is free. A dinner will be provided.

Attendees will hear from Thompson, who is currently using strip-tillage and cover crops.

Thompson will share his experiences with these methods and offer advice on how to effectively strip-till and manage cover crops.

Barb Stewart, state agronomist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, will provide information about how strip-tillage can be an effective tool for residue management and in reducing the amount of nutrients and sediment entering surface waters.

The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy urges farmers to adopt practices that lessen the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus going into Iowa’s rivers and streams.

The Conservation Station will be on display, featuring a rainfall simulator that shows the effects that different surfaces from agricultural and urban environments have on the displacement of rain water.