Leak closes Lake City pool

LAKE CITY – The Lake City pool has closed earlier than expected after a leak was discovered before its opening for the season.

The pool, which is scheduled to undergo a remodeling project later this summer, was originally supposed to be open until August.

Marci Duncan, a member of the Lake City Pool Project Fundraising Steering Committee, said because the pool is scheduled to be rebuilt, it was decided to not repair the leak.

“They were not able to find the leak on the surface, which meant it was below the concrete,” Duncan said. “The city determined that it would not be cost-effective to tear up the concrete, so we decided not to spend the money to investigate the leak further.”

The leak shows how important it is that the 1956 pool be redone.

“We are without an outdoor pool for this summer, which is very unfortunate,” Duncan said. “It reinforces that we are in desperate need of a new pool.”

Originally, the pool was supposed to remain open until Aug. 1, when construction crews were scheduled to begin the demolition process.

Although the pool is closed, Duncan said it likely won’t have an impact on the project, which is set to be rebid.

“We didn’t receive enough bids on the package,” she said. “So we went and updated the design a little bit. We just made some minor adjustments.”

Among them are changing the size of the deck and moving different parts around to make a smaller footprint.

Even though the project needs to be rebid, Duncan said everyone involved is expecting an Aug. 1 start date.

“Our project manager feels that we have enough time, depending on the weather,” Duncan said. “He feels that we should still open on time.”

The new pool is expected to open in May 2015.