Lauds Honor Flight

To the editor:

Fan-Tab-ulous is my way of saying fantastic and fabulous was my trip to Washington, D.C., put on by Brushy Creek Honor Flight.

It will take sometime for it all to sink in. The day was full of patriotism, which was appreciated by all. Definitely well planned out and organized by a lot of good people. A grateful thank you to the Brushy Creek organizers and their helpers, the large crowds of well-wishers that welcomed us at Fort Dodge and at the Dulles airports, very heart-warming, and the Guardians that were there to help with any of our needs, one of which was my granddaughter, Karen, who took care of three of us. A special thanks to our Veterans Affairs officer of Sac County, Peggy Dettmann, for help in raising the financial aid we needed. Glad she was along as a Guardian. I pray your next trip in September will be as successful.

Johnnie Alexa

Korean War veteran

Sac City