Weighs in on curfews

To the editor:

I was asked to write a persuasive essay on a civil rights violation for my American Studies class at Fort Dodge Senior High.

I chose the topic of curfew because it has directly affected me and other people my age by giving us a bad image of police officers and wanting to rebel as well as taking away the right parents should have to determine what is best for their child. During my investigation, I found that the law was mainly put into existence to lower youth crime rates and delinquency. Over the years, researchers across the country have found that the law has had little to no success.

The community of Fort Dodge has the power to change the law in our area.

Instead of enforcing this ruling, guardians, parents, law enforcement and other adults should encourage after-school activities and parent-child interaction because not all parents are as dedicated to their children as they should be.

Bonding together could assist in the elimination of this law and help the children with home lives that are not up to standards. Old buildings downtown could be fixed up into a rec center, specialized centers, counseling areas for programs, or even just a place to relax and hang out or do schoolwork. In addition, it could raise employment rates by hiring supervisors for these buildings. If money is an issue with that idea, the schools have extra areas and classrooms that could serve as a meeting place.

It takes one person to start with an idea like this to make enormous changes to a society.

Kirsten T. DeLanoit

Fort Dodge