Right versus wrong, life’s choices and consequences

Life is full of choices from positive to negative.

There are choices that you think will only affect you, but that actually affect those around you as well.

Have your choices caused you problems? I knowingly regret many choices I made in my short life. This is why I am doing all that I can to better my life before it is too late. What are some choices that you know you made that have caused you to get into trouble, harming yourself and others around you?

How do you like to work? Do you like the idea of making money by doing something illegal such as selling drugs? That is a choice many young people have to face every day. It has many consequences and repercussions that outweigh the positives.

Although you can make large amounts of money, it is not worth the problems that it causes. Many young people today do not realize the consequences that they may face when selling drugs and living “the thug’s life.” There are just as many adults that suffer as well. A large majority of adults like me never realize how horrible of a life you end up having when making such careless and irresponsible choices.

I know from experience that every choice we make affects our future and the future of those around us.

Growing up, what we are around and everything that we see teaches us what we may consider “normal behavior.” For example, if a child grows up around drugs and violence, they are more likely to grow up using drugs and being violent. This is what is called “learned behavior.”

What many parents seem to overlook is that their choices and actions affect their children. Such behaviors need to be addressed to children at an early age. That is one lesson that I am learning now. It has taken me 26 years to realize how my choices and actions have affected the people I love, as well as people I have come in contact with – “It is the company that we keep.”

As a father myself, I now know why my family told me what was wrong and would tell me how to act. Most of my family did the exact opposite of what they told me to do, which set a bad example for me as I grew up. That is why I am doing everything in my power to change my life and become a better man and father, so I can set a positive example for my children.

James Woods is associated with the Beacon of Hope men’s shelter and with Reliable Construction and Roofing Co., which he says, gives men from the shelter “hope for employment and a new way of life.”