Backs Lindsay Boeckman for recorder

To the editor:

A young woman who has the world at her feet, has decided to come back home and make a life here, in her hometown. Her name is Lindsay Boeckman, and she is a candidate for Webster County recorder. A graduate of St. Edmond High School, and a college graduate with a 4.0 grade point, Lindsay could go lots of wonderful places, but she chose Fort Dodge as the wonderful place to begin. A former soccer player in college and high school, Lindsay has overcome many challenges as a student athlete. Lindsay has overcome injuries and climbed some tall mountains, and today she is an exuberant young lady who would like to serve the citizens of Webster County.

I urge you to get behind the bright, enthusiastic, and amazing young woman, and vote for Lindsay Boeckman for Webster County recorder. Our young citizens will see we appreciate the talented youth of our county, and remember Webster County as a great place for opportunity, a career, and a lifetime. Join me, vote Boeckman for county recorder.

Mike Johnson

Fort Dodge