Backs Clovis for Senate

To the editor:

In these last days leading up to the Republican primary election, I am becoming increasingly worried that voters are being unduly influenced by the supposed front-runners and the media outlets that are trumpeting their causes.

I, for one, am really turned off by sappy TV ads informing us about how Joni used to castrate pigs and now shoots her handgun and rides her Harley. To compete, Mark puts her down for “shooting blanks” and lets us know what a clean-cut family man he is. The only thing missing are references to motherhood, baseball and apple pie. Oh, wait, they each have a mother (here or in heaven), and they each are “striking out, hitting foul balls or being thrown out at first” in their efforts to show us they are candidates with substance. I’m waiting for one or the other to show up at my door to offer me a slice of a real, honest-to-goodness apple pie. Now that would truly be refreshing.

Sam Clovis is not slick or cute. He does not pander to one or the other demographic. Rather, Sam brings to the table a set of values most of us were raised with, a concern for honesty and integrity our parents tried to install in us, and a no-nonsense approach to government that keeps our country on sound footing militarily, fiscally and Constitutionally.

Conservatives need to unite behind the one candidate who champions their cause, and believes in a limited government – the Constitution. While this document may be centuries old, it is still by far the best set of guidelines and principles to live by that have been developed – anywhere.

A vote for Sam Clovis on June 3 is a vote to put Iowa in its proper place, namely, as a leader among its peers, and a voice of reason amidst the bluster and blather of those who appeal to voters unable, or worse, unwilling to deal with the truth. Vet the candidates, do your homework, and Vote Smart. In 2014, Vote for Sam Clovis, conservative, for U.S. Senate.

Bill Kersting